Who is Charming Soap Co.?
    • My name is Nicole and I was a healthcare worker for over 16 years. I also suffer from migraines and working 12 hour shifts in a hospital was becoming unbearable, so I decided to leave my job and take a break. I'm a fairly crafty person I like to paint, make floral arrangements, etc.  So with my new free time I decided to try my hand at soap making, not only is it a big stress reliever for me but it was a lot of fun! I get inspiration from a lot of things like favorite movies or places, so as the soap was beginning to pile up I decided to give it a go and sell my soap. I am pleased to share my soap creations with you and hope you enjoy these soaps as much as I enjoy making them!

    Why are the bars of soap sometimes not exactly alike?

    • Our soaps are handmade in small batches so scent, size, and color may vary. 

    Where are these soaps made and where do the ingredients come from?

    • Our soaps are made in Blandon, PA and all of our ingredients and supplies come from the USA.
    • We use sustainable palm oil, 20% kosher glycerin, and biodegradable glitter.